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Montessori materials for Christian ministry to Alzheimer's and other dementia patients.  Montessori methods are a major breakthrough in visitation with dementia patients, and Touching Grace leads the way.

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Our Montessori-style products brighten them up!

"She was delighted when I handed her Remembering the Life of Jesus. It put a smile on my mother's face, and smiles coming from her are what makes my heart sing."  --Karen, Arizona

"My little study group loves the Vitality Series booklets.  The stories are told in a way that I can add a little theatrics to keep their attention!"  --Sheryl, Texas

"One female resident tells us that we are a treasure.  I gave her a copy of The Good News Book and she kept rubbing the pictures and reading it aloud."  --Nancy, New York 

"Being able to use the sense of touch and smell brought big smiles.  I agree that the multi-sensory approach is a big plus."  --Linda, Arkansas

"My mother is 95 and has dementia but she is successful with your Fun With Words puzzles.  The pictures seem to pull her in."  --Carol, Indiana

"It is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!!  And the instructions/lesson that you sent with it are so helpful."       --Mary, California



TouchingGrace is a division of the nonprofit Center for Bold Action, which depends on contributions to continue its several educational ministries.  All contributions help us maintain and expand these valuable activities.  We are a 501(c)(3) organization, so contributions are deductible on U.S. tax returns.  Click here this link www.TouchingGrace.org and then click the "About Us" button for more information about our work.

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