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NAME THAT INSTRUMENT activity of recall and perception

This activity stimulates cognition and recall and, BEST OF ALL, WE THINK, it elicits conversation.  Within the population of dementia influenced women and men, our favorite sound is conversation.  We like comments, questions, wild guesses, wrong answers, puzzlement, wisdom, encouragement, and we especially love it when a person who hasn't talked much talks!  Those are the sorts of things that this activity, and the other "sounds" activities, generate.

An audio CD has a selection from each instrument.  These are grouped by volume number.  There are two sets of the cues for each vlume, one in alphabetical order (as are the cards) and the other in random sequence.  Because it stimulates conversation so well, it is ideal for one-to-one use.  Play the alphabetical selection first.  Player can cover each instrument with a chip after it is identified.  Remove the checkers and play same group, using the random sequence.  

Volume 1 includes 3 familiar singalongs; Vol 2 has 1; Vol 3 has 1. 

The package includes the 3 different cards, instructions, and an audio CD.  The cards are 8.5 x 11 inches, printed in bright colors on heavy (14 pt) card stock.

This activity fascinates everyone, including children.

Orig.: $19.95
Sale: $9.95


Bingo is the most popular activity in many elder care facilities.  These games bring an unusual twist to the game.  Rather than cues being the conventional letter/number combinations, the cues are sounds from the CD that comes with the set.  This stimulates curiosity, activates cognition, and evokes conversation.  All three of our innovative bingo games are bundled and offered at a sale price.  See detailed descriptions of each version elsewhere on this page.

Orig.: $38.85
Sale: $29.95

ANIMAL SOUNDS BINGO: Perception and memory exercise


This plays like regular bingo but with a twist of healthy challenge to it.  Instead of drawing random numbers or letters, the cues are familiar sounds, pre-recorded and played on a CD.  The cards are in a 3 x 3 matrix and players put a marker (checker, chip, etc) on the image that matches the sound.  The kit includes 12 different player cards and 6 groups of cue sounds, enough to ensure a random effect game after game.  This provides good exercise in perception and memory.

The kit also includes 3 larger cards with pictures of all 12 sources of sound in alphabetical order These are especially useful with people of more advanced dementia.  And it includes twelve coloring sheets.  You can run off as many copies as you want to forever.  And it includes a booklet with suggestions for a short talk about each animal, and it Bible reference.  This can stimulate positive discussion and make the activity more than entertainment, which is always our goal.


INTERESTING SOUNDS BINGO: A perception and memory activity


Identical concept as ANIMAL BINGO.  See that description for more complete information.  This provides good exercise in perception and memory and includes suggestions for how it may be used with people of more advanced dementia.  DOES NOT INCLUDE: Lessons booklet or coloring sheets.


SOUNDS AROUND THE HOUSE BINGO: A perception and memory activity


Identical concept as ANIMAL BINGO.  See that description for more complete information.  This provides good exercise in perception and memory and includes suggestions for how it may be used with people of more advanced dementia.  DOES NOT INCLUDE: Lessons booklet or coloring sheets.


RAINING SUNSHINE DVD - Music that Soothes

  ON SALE!  

THIS GREAT DVD combines familiar music, beautiful images, and Scripture to evoke inspiration and a sense of well being.  More than 600 scenes gently transition as familiar traditional hymns proclaim God's boundless power and love.  The music--all instrumental--is superb, and as it plays Scripture passages are read, which unite with music and visuals to warm the heart with assurance of God's care. A wonderful gift!  (E-mail us for quantity prices.)

A VISITOR REPORTS: "I played Raining Sunshine for about 20 residents in my dad's memory-care unit.  Most of the residents sat and watched the entire DVD.  The atmosphere in the room was so nice--peaceful and restful.  The nurse and an aide said afterward how they so appreciated what we did for the residents that day.  Thanks again.  I plan on using this DVD as much as I can."  (Arlene, Northern Ohio)

Orig.: $16.95
Sale: $8.95

PRAISE SONG SHEETS - pack of 12, no CD

  NEW SONGSHEET (pack of a dozen)    Singing restores the spirit!  This songsheet has four familiar songs of joyful praise.  Printed in bright colors on quality paper, it is 8.5 x 11 inches so it folds in half once for easy handling.  


CAMPFIRE SONG SHEETS - 12 song sheets, no CD

  ANOTHER NEW SONGSHEET!    Raise the roof and bring back happy memories with these four well-liked traditional songs. Printed on quality paper in vivid color, the sheets fold for easy handling.  8.5 X 11 inches.  Sold in packs of a dozen.  




NEW CD WITH PIANO AND VOCAL ACCOMPANIMENT by the Bethel University Joyful Ensemble.  Use the bright sounds of this audio CD as backup and all groups will sing louder, sound better, and have more fun.  The package has 12 copies of "Campfire Songs" and 12 copies of "Praise Songs" plus the CD, all packed in a vinyl zip lock bag.  

Click here to listen to a sample.



  ON SALE!  

A sight and sound show that soothes and comforts.  The video has 150 beautiful pictures, mostly scenery, but with some stained glass windows, children, and biblical paintings.  The pictures are on the screen for 7 or 8 seconds, then crossfade gently from one to the next, a pace appreciated by the intended viewers.  It is worshipful, reassuring, calming, and inspiring.

Chris, chaplain in a long-term care facility, reported that the State Inspection Team was so impressed with the tranquility in a crowded dayroom that they included lavish commendation about it in their final report.  This DVD had been playing!  Music about Jesus' love brings joy, peace, comfort, calmness, confidence, and optimism.

Orig.: $16.95
Sale: $8.95

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