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OFF CENTER, OFF COURSE: When Good Doctrine Goes Bad

God intends that we see clearly on our road through the journey of life.  The Bible is a map and Jesus is light, but humans are inclined to get mixed up.  The book describes twenty detours and dead ends that begin with theological distortion and end in conflict and anxiety, depression, conflict, or other emotional chaos.  Such distortions are found in believers within every Christian tradition.  A theological problem cannot be solved with a psychological solution.  Based on biblical truths, it uses vivid stories based on real life cases to teach healing biblical truths. 

Error always causes distress.  Sometimes the problematic symptoms of anxiety, depression, or conflict in a relationship are the result of defective beliefs about Christianity.  The difficulty may arise because of bogus (heretical) theology.  Or it may arise because a truth is misunderstood or misapplied.  It happens a lot.  This book shows how correct biblical teaching and relationship with God, through Christ, bring joy and healing.


THE PERFECTIONISM TRAP AND HOW TO ESCAPE Help for perfectionists and those that

Perfectionists remember the past with regret, don't enjoy the present as much as they might, and usually dread the future.  Whether you are a perfectionist yourself or have one in your life, this book will not only help you to change who you are and what you think and do, it will help you deal with procrastination and workaholism, parenting a budding perfectionist, and living with a perfectionist.

FREE PERFECTIONISM INVENTORY.  Learn about your traits!  Click below to download an inventory that is easy to take, score, and that provides interpretation.  Get as many copies as you like for your family members.



THE ODDSQUAD BLUNDERS: Worldview Errors That Will Blow Up Your Life

Understand the worldviews that compete for the minds of the world, and the blunders that lead people into them.  This book gets to the heart of important topics without unnecessary strange words from philosophy or theology.  It is "edutainment" that entertains as it teaches solid lessons that help you sort truth from nonsense.  Wacko characters show you the options: McKinley Forrester, who wants his waist size to equal his height; Redd Fyre with Coke sign colored hair; Halo Morningside, born to party; Bounteous Springforth, Spiritual Advisor to the Stars; Skurj DuBois (who only seems insane); Dark Fathoms, unemployed artist; Casio Nougat, crackpot poet; Clyde Gnarly, grumpy codger, and Bernadette Hernley, the Bag Lady from HeavenThis is a  humorous book about serious issues, presented in a way that encourages people to think about and discuss them.  It is easy to see how the ten blunders, expressed in everyday language, cause chaos in everyday life.  These blunders arise from defective worldviews.

The book deals with topics that are usually expressed in language suited for philosophers, but, instead, it uses comical characters who speak in plain language and whose behavior (sometimes very silly) teaches you why so many people today are confused.  You do not have to plow through archaic metaphysical terminology (like those three words) to get the message.  College-level concepts are described in language and stories that grade-school students can understand and enjoy.  

Click here to read Chapters 1 and 2 of this enjoyable book and decide for yourself.

READ THIS: This is a pdf file of the book.  It shows every page exactly as it is in the print version.  It does not include the material that is on the CD. It can be read on any device that has Adobe Reader (which my be downloaded free at this site: or an equivalant pdf reader.  This will not provide all of the features found on more advanced e-books, but we think that the best reason for reading a book is what you will learn.  In that respect, this book will not disappoint.


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