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NAME THAT INSTRUMENT activity of recall and perception

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This activity stimulates cognition and recall and, BEST OF ALL, WE THINK, it elicits conversation.  Within the population of dementia influenced women and men, our favorite sound is conversation.  We like comments, questions, wild guesses, wrong answers, puzzlement, wisdom, encouragement, and we especially love it when a person who hasn't talked much talks!  Those are the sorts of things that this activity, and the other "sounds" activities, generate.

If you think "They won't recognize that"--so what?  They will have fun talking about it and you will be surprised at the pleasure that will bring to them.  And to you.  So why not?

An audio CD has a selection from each instrument.  These are grouped by volume number.  There are two sets of the cues for each vlume, one in alphabetical order (as are the cards) and the other in random sequence.  Because it stimulates conversation so well, it is ideal for one-to-one use.  Play the alphabetical selection first.  Player can cover each instrument with a chip after it is identified.  Remove the checkers and play same group, using the random sequence.  

Volume 1 includes 3 familiar singalongs; Vol 2 has 1; Vol 3 has 1. 

The package includes the 3 different cards, instructions, and an audio CD.  The cards are 8.5 x 11 inches, printed in bright colors on heavy (14 pt) card stock. 

This activity fascinates everyone, including children.

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