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BOOKS FOR ALL READERS > THE ODDSQUAD BLUNDERS: Worldview Errors That Will Blow Up Your Life! With CD
THE ODDSQUAD BLUNDERS: Worldview Errors That Will Blow Up Your Life!   With CD  

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This is a  humorous book about serious issues, presented in a way that encourages people to think about and discuss them.  It is easy to see how the ten blunders, expressed in everyday language, cause chaos in everyday life.  These blunders arise from defective worldviews.

The book deals with topics that are usually expressed in language suited for philosophers, but, instead, it uses comical characters who speak in plain language and whose behavior (sometimes very silly) teaches you why so many people today are confused.  You do not have to plow through archaic metaphysical terminology (like those three words) to get the message.  College-level concepts are described in language and stories that grade-school students can understand and enjoy.  Click here to read Chapters 1 and 2 of this enjoyable book and decide for yourself.


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