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BOOKS FOR ALL READERS > LET GO AND BE FREE: How Forgiving Calms Anger and Heals Wounded Hearts
LET GO AND BE FREE: How Forgiving Calms Anger and Heals Wounded Hearts

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Revised and Combined edition of Rich Walters’ two best-selling books about anger and forgiving. The book uses vivid true stories to explain biblical principles, and the practical means of using them to gain freedom from old wounds, grudges, fears, and sorrows. Between them, these books also have been published in England, China, Denmark, Netherlands, Pakistan, and Germany. The 212 pages of compelling stories give plain instruction on how to become free of the damage caused in the past. The reports of how God's principles have changed people's lives have inspired others, who have gone on to invite God's healing power into their own lives, and have experienced the transformation they have longed for. Both books, now combined into one, have been used by pastors and other mentors to bring relief to thousands of hurting people.

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