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2 copies of TALKING WITH GOD: A Personal Adventure of Companionship

Discover the great joy and transforming power of praying in the way the Bible teaches. After Diana and I looked at 145 books about prayer we decided that the best instruction comes from the Bible itself!  There you will find six types of content, six topics we might say, that God wants to hear us discuss with him on a regular basis. This quick guide is based on our more detailed books shown elsewhere.  (Click the "Bookstore" tab and scroll down.)  It is written with residents in long-term care in mind.  It offers hope and guidance as God helps the reader to pray as He desires to hear us pray. 

What this book teaches is exciting, so we gave it a bold, vivid look.  It is 8 1/2 x 11, in large print and bright colors, with "scrapbook pages" for prayer lists, to record God's answers, and to write (or tape in) new or favorite prayers and memories.  It quickly becomes a personal treasure.

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2 copies of FUN WITH WORDS

Mental Stimulation Activity--Eight variations fit an activity to the person.

These materials are word and picture games created to enrich the lives of men and women whose activities have become limited due to Alzheimer’s disease, or other forms of dementia or cognitive conditions.  Eight different uses are suggested in the instructions that accompany the set of materials.  These activities can stimulate thinking, memory, communication, and, as a result, self-confidence. 
The conventional word search puzzles can be used by a solo Player or a Player and Partner.  The special design considerations include:
             Large, sans-serif typeface.
            — Hidden words appear horizontally (left to right) or vertically (top down).
             No words are printed diagonally, backward, or upside-down.

22 different activity pages, plus 8 suggested variations for their use.  

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