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STRONG PRAYER, STRONG WOMAN: The Transforming Power of Balanced Prayer

Companion book by Diana Walters has a woman’s insight. Has identical features page by page as Strong Prayer, Strong Man but the prayers and illustrations are given with a woman’s special touch. The combination of books is ideal for couples to use together.

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STRONG PRAYER, STRONG MAN: The Transforming Power of Balanced Prayer

There are six elements that God desires to hear in our daily prayers.  Include them all and prayer gains power; leave one or more out and praying is weakened.  This book teaches those biblical elements and provides the tools that help you learn to pray with transforming power.

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Strong Prayer: Strong Woman and Strong Prayer: Strong Man


Choose any combination of Strong Prayer: Strong Woman or Strong Prayer: Strong Man at half price.  Order from the page for the appropriate book or books.

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Perfectionists remember the past with regret, don't enjoy the present as much as they might, and usually dread the future. Whether you are a perfectionist yourself or have one in your life, this book will not only help you to change who you are and what you think and do, it will help you deal with procrastination and workaholism, parenting a budding perfectionist, and living with a perfectionist.




LET GO AND BE FREE: How Forgiving Calms Anger and Heals Wounded Hearts

Compelling stories that report (in disguised form) actual events vividly teach how hurts from the past are relieved.  Because God's principles are true and his healing power is mighty, all people who have been abused and unfairly treated--and who hasn't been?--can become fully healthy, whole, and alive with enthusiasm. 

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This is a book of inspiration, encouragement, and practical examples from caregivers and those living with Alzheimer's or another dementia.  Insights offered by people who know what you are going through, written in plain language so the wise counsel and optimism take hold and make a difference.

Orig.: $14.95
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Diana has a story in this, the newest in the inspirational Chicken Soup for the Soul series of true stories that will warm you within like a bowl of mom's . . . well, you know.  Great gift.

Orig.: $14.95
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CONFLICT SOLUTIONS: Turn Conflict to Cooperation and Light Up Your Organization

This will quickly and efficiently show you how to deal with people when they are angry, and reveal the principles involved in moving a conflict situation toward win-win problem solving.  It does not promise a miracle for every occasion, but the skills taught will lead you to success almost every time.   ..

Orig.: $29.95
Sale: $19.95

TOO HOT TO BROADCAST: Philo Beenaper and the Live Wire Show


In this work of serious humorous fiction by Rich Walters, radio star Philo Beenapper asks people on the street to explain the meaning of life. He gets many strange and comic answers, and a hot sultry-scented fan letter that ignites his passions. In turmoil, his actions nearly incinerate his job, marriage, and Christian witness. But, the fast talker becomes a fast thinker as he considers for himself the meaning of life. You will see struggles of your own in issues of both worldview and of practical living as they were faced by Anne, Ellie, Bernadette, Philo, and Casio.

Orig.: $9.95
Sale: $4.95

FAST LANE, FLAT TIRE: The Crazy Story of How Three Flat Marriages Got Back to Racing Speed -With CD


Easy to read; fun to read.  The startling story of some nutty people whose marriages were not dead, but were sleeping mighty soundly.   An outrageous statement was made by Mr. Hass Brooks in front of some of his buddies at Ernie's Barber Shop--he compared marriage to football!  (Did he fumble or did he score?)  The discussion set off a chain of events that, in spite of ridicule and heckling by the skeptics, caused some hibernating marriages to wake up and get exciting again, or better than ever!

Written with gusto so that it appeals to everyone, the book shows and teaches the practical application of biblical principles.  Loaded with practical how to's that every man (and occasionally a woman) tends to forget.  This is the book for the man who says he doesn't read books.


THE ODDSQUAD BLUNDERS: Worldview Errors That Will Blow Up Your Life! With CD

NEW!  NEW!  NEW!  Understand the worldviews that compete for the minds of the world, and the blunders that lead people into them.  This book gets to the heart of important topics without unnecessary strange words from philosophy or theology.  It is "edutainment" that entertains as it teaches solid lessons that help you sort truth from nonsense.  Wacko characters show you the options: McKinley Forrester, who wants his waist size to equal his height; Redd Fyre with Coke sign colored hair; Halo Morningside, born to party; Bounteous Springforth, Spiritual Advisor to the Stars; Skurj DuBois (who only seems insane); Dark Fathoms, unemployed artist; Casio Nougat, crackpot poet; Clyde Gnarly, grumpy codger, and Bernadette Hernley, the Bag Lady from Heaven.   Click here to see Chapters 1 and 2.  Click here     

Orig.: $19.95
Sale: $16.95

HAND TO HAND: Connecting With People


 A straight-up, easy-to-understand guide to building constructive relationships.  A dozen lively audio or visual demonstrations or tutorials make learning easier and long lasting.  The practical skills apply to situations everyone faces; their use can lift you from frustration and failure to success in dealings with other people. 


Orig.: $49.95
Sale: $39.95

HEAVEN TO HEART: Pathways to God's Transforming Power

This, the second book in the Life Builder Training series, is packed with counsel that leads to a life radically transformed by God's love and power.  Loaded with reports of real people facing real messes, it will inspire you are it teaches you how to apply these biblical principles to your own life, or to teach them to someone you can about.  It picks up where Hand to Hand ends.  Once you have built a relationship of trust and respect, you can lead a person into God's grace and out of the confusion and despair of life without Him.

Orig.: $49.95
Sale: $35.95

OFF CENTER, OFF COURSE: When Good Doctrine Goes Bad

Error always causes distress.  Sometimes the problematic symptoms of anxiety, depression, or conflict in a relationship are the result of defective beliefs about Christianity.  The difficulty may arise because of bogus (heretical) theology.  Or it may arise because a truth is misunderstood or misapplied.  It happens a lot.  This book shows how correct biblical teaching and relationship with God, through Christ, bring joy and healing.


JEALOUSY, ENVY, LUST: The Weeds of Greed

This book deals with three ugly conditions that few people are willing to admit to.  But, they each like to crop up in the lawn of life.  If one of them is within ourself it's a problem, but each of them can create problems equally large if they grow large within a friend or family member.  With candid, practical explanation, Rich Walters shows where these weeds come from, what keep them growing, and how they can be exterminated. 


FROM QUESTIONS TO ANSWERS 6th Edition Andrews, RD and Walters, RP

 A comprehensive text about how to do quantitative research .  




ANGER STORMS: Instructional CD

Easily understood instruction on an emotion we all experience, whether we are thrust into it by circumstances or we must deal with people who are angry.  It is a slide show with colorful illustrations and straightforward soundtrack that explains through biblical principles and contemporary cases how to manage your own anger and how to defuse anger in others.  Plays on any computer.  $19.95  Click here to view typical images from the CD.



A 26-minute self-contained, sound PowerPoint presentation of some 130 slides that describes and humorously rejects ten commonly used "Verbal Villains"--ineffective styles of communication.   $29.95   Click here to view typical images from the CD



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