February 9, 2016 @ 11:14 AM

Changes are always made to new products based on suggestions during our field testing phase.  The two titles in field testing mentioned in an earlier blog post are getting good reviews.  Two more titles are in preparation.  "Defeat Your Own Goliaths" guides readers through events of six biblical figures who discovered the depth and completeness of God's care while facing scary situations.  "What Would Jesus Say" is an introduction to biblical communication skills and is 24 pages instead of 16.  It is particularly for those who visit homebound or elderly persons.

Because of the enthusiasm of early users, we are eager to proceed with publication.  We need contributions to make this possible.  Please help us help others.  Send tax deductible support by PayPal or check today.  

In the meantime, we will supply copies  (at no charge) of "Be Strong" or "God of Help" to a leader who will use them thoughtfully with a small group and report what works or what should be improved.  

Please pray for these to be useful, and pray for our financial support.  We join the sentiment of pioneer missionary to China, Hudson Taylor, who wrote to his supporters that (paraphrased) "all we have is 25 cents and the promises of God."  Consider if you could be part of God's promises to this work of His on behalf of the people in America's most neglected mission field.