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August 29, 2015 @ 5:08 PM

Diana and her beloved little ol’ me, Geezerman, will have summer vacation this October with a road trip to Colorado to see daughter Amy and her family.  Yippee!

We will do two-hour Touching Grace workshops along the way: One at Bethel University, McKenzie, TN, (Oct 7) as the kickoff of the Certificate in Pastoral Care program; the other in Mountain Home, AR, (Oct 8) with good friend Paul Mathenia, Executive Pastor of a church that already is active in nursing home ministry.  We will video tape each with two or three cameras, preparatory to putting the certificate program on line.

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August 28, 2015 @ 3:31 PM

Our new Bible Study series is designed for active seniors and will, we believe, boost their sense of purpose in life by showing how God used eight people, young and old, for actions that brought joyful meaning into their lives.  By example, principles, and covenant, God offers the same personal involvement with us.  Obedient interaction with God transforms life!

These are brief studies--six lessons and a summary in each--that have an unstated goal of addressing one of the causes of emotional malaise common among older seniors. 

The phrase "we hope" indicates that we must raise money to print copies in large quantity so the unit cost is low.  In the meantime we engage in field-testing (as we always do) ......


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August 27, 2015 @ 2:06 PM

Decades ago when this ol’ codger was a baby-faced twelve-year-old, believers were encouraged to evangelize the world as commanded by Christ.  No quarrel with that assignment, but let’s consider the method we chose. 

It was a relief to quiet, self-conscious young me to discover that simply leaving a trail of gospel tracts behind qualified as a good work of evangelism.  Further, that this passive tactic could become active (more points for that, methought, even though the "active" part remained clandestine) by rolling a few tracts together and wrapping them in a small sheet of red waxed paper sold by the tract publisher.  We called them “tract bombs” and my brother and I dropped them here.........

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