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These especially refresh spiritual life for patients with dementia or cognitive impairment.  

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the Apostle's Creed

From the earliest years of Christianity, there was a need to clarify the boundaries of the faith for protection against false prophets. This need drove the development of the Creed, so that by around 250 A.D. it was close to the form used today. 

This concise edition of the Apostle’s Creed uses bright pictures, explanatory text, and tactile objects to invigorate faith, enliven mood, and increase optimism. With large print, it is well suited for dementia patients, many of whom have recited the Creed during weekly worship and will welcome the book as an aid to private worship.

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The story of Noah is that God can be trusted--big time all the time!  Full 8 1/2 x 11 inches, with large illustrations, and printed on high quality heavy card stock.  The five "add ins" stimulate interest and attentiveness.  Words are in 42 pt sans-serif font which enhances comprehension of the meaning of the account.  Click this line to see every page of the book.

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THE GOOD NEWS BOOK  We have developed a multi-sensory book to help you present the gospel to persons with dementia.  A woman with Alzheimer's disease made a first-time decision of faith after the Good News Book was shared with her. Recently a middle-aged man with terminal cancer came to Christ a few months before his death because an acquaintance led him, gradually, through the book. The Good News Book is also an excellent Bible study and celebration for believers. Click the link below to see a short overview.  For a limited time this is free, one per order (okay, it's a penny, which we had to do to make the shopping cart work) or "free" without an order if you pay the shipping cost (at $3.95 + .01 it is still below our cost).  If we give you one (Okay, it's a penny!), we expect you to use it, not because the book is valuable but because the good news is so valuable.

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This is a highly creative means of providing spiritual comfort to persons who are encumbered by Alzheimer's disease or other cognitive limitations.  Objects with stimulating touch or aroma evoke attention while bright pictures and large print prompt thoughts about Jesus' love.  It works!  Click item name for more information and to order.


TALKING WITH GOD: A Personal Adventure of Companionship

Now available and SPECIAL PRICE !      Discover the great joy and transforming power of praying in the way the Bible teaches. After Diana and I looked at more than 150 books about prayer we decided that the best instruction comes from the Bible itself!  There you will find six types of content, six topics we might say, that God wants to hear us discuss with him on a regular basis. This quick guide is based on our more detailed books shown elsewhere.  (Click the "Bookstore" tab and scroll down.)  It is written with residents in long-term care in mind.  It offers hope and guidance as God helps the reader to pray as He desires to hear us pray. 

What this book teaches is exciting, so we gave it a bold, vivid look.  It is 8 1/2 x 11, in large print and bright colors, with "scrapbook pages" for prayer lists, to record God's answers, and to write (or tape in) new or favorite prayers and memories.  It quickly becomes a personal treasure.

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SMILES UP cards / package of 30; 3 each of 10 designs


Conversation starter cards interest residents and make it easy for everyone to start a conversation.  Each card has one or two sensory objects affixed to it.  The combination of the sensory "add-ons" with the bright picture on one side and affirming messages on the other elicits curiosity and activates thought.  The cards open up conversation.  A package includes 3 each of the 10 designs with a guide sheet of comments that anyone can use to start communication. Click "SmilesUp cards" above to read how well SmilesUp cards worked for a group of adults who had never visited strangers in a long-term care facility and were afraid to go try!

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  ON SALE!  

THIS GREAT DVD combines familiar music, beautiful images, and Scripture to evoke inspiration and a sense of well being.  More than 600 scenes gently transition as familiar traditional hymns proclaim God's boundless power and love.  The music--all instrumental--is superb, and as it plays Scripture passages are read, which unite with music and visuals to warm the heart with assurance of God's care.  A wonderful gift!  (E-mail us for quantity prices.)

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FUN WITH WORDS -- A "recreational workbook"

NOW IN PRINT FORM!   ACTIVITIES THAT stimulate mental processing! 

It's ready to use with 22 word and picture games to stimulate thinking, memory, and conversation. It is a gorgeous 8.5 x 11 inch book printed in full color on quality paper.  Click on item name above for more information and to DOWNLOAD A FREE SAMPLE. 

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Bring new effectiveness to visitation of homebound men and women by giving them a reminder of God's compassion and of your love for them--reassurance available to them every moment, every day.  The messages built into this item make it easy for anyone to provide a meaningful ministry visit.  See suggestions on the "How to ..." page of this website. 

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Bible Animal Coloring Sheets and Leader's Guide for Lessons

Twelve 81/2 x 11 inch coloring sheet masters of animals that are in the Bible with a booklet that suggests how to give a short lesson based on a biblical reference to of of those animals.  These materials are included in the Bible animals bingo game set.  Use the master copies to make additional copies again and again.




This is a book of inspiration, encouragement, and practical examples from caregivers and those living with Alzheimer's or another dementia.  Insights offered by people who know what you are going through, written in plain language so the wise counsel and optimism take hold and make a difference.  101 stories of caregiving, coping, and compassion.  

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