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Special prices to help you help others!  Two bundles: one for individuals, one for groups.  

Gift bundle for one person

The books are each 8.5 x 11 inches, printed in bright colors with oversized type for easy reading and comprehension.  All are on heavy slick paper.  Each is described in detail and previewed elsewhere on this website, as is the one-hour Raining Sunshine DVD.  These items can bring joy and reassurance to a person who will benefit often in the weeks to come.  Order now for best price and best delivery.

Orig.: $91.56
Sale: $59.00

Gift bundle for a facility or a church

Equip your church or a care facility with this kit of valuable materials.  Or combine your order with a friend, we don't care; we just want people to enjoy the good news God has for them.  Three copies of each of the books shown plus one copy of Raining Sunshine for group or individual viewing.  Complete descriptions and previews are given elsewhere.

This large collection is $241.05 at regular prices  Now only $139.00   You save $102.05!   Order now! 

Orig.: $241.05
Sale: $139.00

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